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GARDEN EQUIPMENT Accessories and tools useful for the well-being of plants

We have focused our choice on equipment that could help our customers to reduce the use of water and make the most of the characteristics of fertilizers, nutrients, corroborants and cures.

Specifically, We suggest:


RUGIADA 360° is a modern sprayer that uses a new generation trigger-based dispensing technology and allows not to use conventional propellant gases and pressurized con-tainers.

Its very fine mist combined with continuous spray functionality covers large areas quickly and evenly. The 360° dispensing allows you to spray in all directions.

The name recalls the effect of the micro drops on the leaves that simulate dew (rugiada is the Italian translation of dew).

In this way the plants are able to optimally absorb the necessary liquids and the leaves collect less dust.


Idrovita is the innovative Biological, eco-friendly and eco-sustainable water reserve as well as a valid ally to save plants when people are on holiday.

Unlike other products on the market, Idrovita can be used in pots and on the ground for planting and repotting because it is completely biodegradable within 4 years.

Up to 20 days without watering, Idrovita has a double function: in addition to gradually re-leasing water only in case of real need, it absorbs water, preventing damage from too fre-quent or poor watering.

Idrovita absorbs water up to 100 times its weight and reduces water consumption by up to 50% for a duration of 4 years in the soil.

Suitable for any type of indoor, outdoor, horticultural, fruit-bearing plants/flowers in pots and in the ground.

Being 100% natural and biodegradable, it is classified as non-phytotoxic.


GLORIA Pressure Sprayers and Pumps are high quality sprayers for home and garden use.

Among their features we find: the safety valve to prevent excessive pressure.

The brass nozzle is totally adjustable: from fine mist spray to concentrated single jet.

Large filling funnel: it fits on any type of tap. High quality plastic material with particularly high thickness.

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