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Alba Vivai di Colombano is specialized in the creation of outdoor areas for dehors, balconies and terraces.

We offer solutions suitable for every need by evaluating together with the customer the arrangement of pots and plants to color and give added value to the spaces involved.
Building a potted garden that is easy to manage and is always green and lush is our goal to enrich and exploit small spaces.

A few plants can help lower temperatures and make the air cleaner, especially in the city, by creating a natural barrier against smog and pollution.

If necessary, we take care of setting up an irrigation system to maintain the plant at its best using the right quantity of water carefully distributed based on the type of essences without waste.
The irrigation system control unit is connected via Wi-Fi and conveniently programmable from your smartphone via app.

The most popular proposal is the 100 cm resin flower box with plants that create a small hedge but also climbing plants can easily adapt when there are already existing structures.

Jasmines are a semi-evergreen climbing solution that can give a lot of satisfaction with little work, giving shiny green leaves that become reddish in the cold and a very fragrant and rich flowering during late spring.

Evergreen plants can be combined with seasonal blooms colored according to the time of year by combining aromatic plants such as incense and nepeta to keep mosquitoes or annoying insects away during the summer. A balcony can become a place of relaxation surrounded by greenery and offer a corner of aromatic plants useful in the kitchen to be picked at the moment, for maximum taste and aroma.

We also offer solutions for the outdoor areas of bars, clubs and restaurants to allow the perfect use of the external areas, especially in the warmer seasons, creating very comfortable green corners.

The plants in the outdoor areas can offer shelter and isolate the outside especially near roads, giving the right privacy to the patrons of the place.
In addition to protecting, plants can act as a filter for smog and pollution, guaranteeing a clean and colorful environment with the possibility of protecting from the sun in the central hours of the day.

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