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Flowers have the ability to Color and to welcome you with simplicity and please the eye.

For this reason in recent years we have decided to expand our selection of seasonal and perennial blooms, providing a wide range of possibilities in choosing to decorate balconies and any space that can be reserved to flowers.

The perennial bloomings are solutions that can be used mainly in the garden given the resistance and the great possibility of development in the open ground which offers colorful splashes of colours according to the season.

The widest selection is certainly available between spring and summer divided according to the flowering period. For the summertime, however, there are very resistant and colorful perennial bloomings that are excellent to use on the balcony, such as Dipladenia and Solanum.

Seasonal or annual bloomings are the most impressive ones because they offer strong colours, cascades of flowers and much visibility in limited periods during the year.

Each season has different varieties of seasonal bloomings.

Every year we manage to widen the choice and insert new bloomings paying attention to climate change by selecting plants that need less and less water and maintenance.

Some of Perennial bloomings : Dipladenia, Mandevilla, Solanum, Coreopsis, Dianthus, Phlox, Saxifraga, Dahlia.

Some of Seasonal bloomings : Primroses, Violets, Surfinias, Petunias, Potunias, Begonias, Calibrachoa/Million bells.

Then there are some biennial varieties such as geraniums.

The soils we recommend for Seasonal and Perennial Bloomings are:

  • Cinquestelle
  • Gerani e Surfinie (and for all indoor and outdoor bloomings)
  • Fioriere
  • Liquid and double fertilizers are available, suitable to bloomings, and the same for products for care and protection

Wide choice of balcony trays in several sizes and colours

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