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We have been dealing with the design, creation and construction of gardens, green areas and parks for over 60 years.

We collaborate with landscapers, architects, agronomists and companies specialized in the creation of irrigation systems to offer a complete service to support the customer.

On the first contact with the customer we can manage objectives and requirements to achieve.
We can work directly with you or make use of Green Designers who make their art and experience available.
After that an inspection is important to evaluate some fundamental points in order to obtain the best result.

The conditions in which the garden/terrace is located, the type of soil, the altitude and in particular the exposure to the sun will be evaluated.
Preparation works are evaluated, such as cleaning, filling of earth, any furnishings and flooring.

We pay particular attention to the irrigation system which must keep the plants and lawn alive avoiding any overdoses and waste.

We have the simplest irrigation systems sized by expert installers, and we create them directly. In more complex systems we leave the design and installation work directly to the installers.
The lawn is preparated with all the operations necessary to guarantee a uniform development. The most suitable seed varieties for the place are evaluated and a specific fertilization plan is programmed.

The plants that customers want are placed in the green areas according to the exposures they require.
It is also useful to schedule work according to the seasons.
The customer’s need and tastes will be taken into account in the choices to be made.

After all this all that remains is to get to work!

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How we can help you in Garden Center

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